JayR Aquino

Mike and his dedication to provide excellent service has made my experience great. The key components which made this experience great were Mike’s ability to communicate effectively, provide a clean workspace from beginning to end, and excellent craftsmanship that left my roof and gutters with the highest grade of professionalism. A roof is one of the most expensive investments a property owner has to deal with, and it can be a daunting process when having to deal with damages from a storm. Fortunately for me, Mike guided me through the entire process via effective communication with all the details. Without a doubt, he made sure I was in good hands. It was comforting to know that every time I had a question there was no hesitation to call Mike. He responded promptly, answered all my questions, and assured me my roof and gutters would be taken care of. Mike sent me pictures of the progression from start to finish – tear down, construction, and clean up. What I noticed in those pictures was that he ensured to go the extra mile using innovative breathable tarps hanging from the sides of my house protecting the house exterior, landscaping, and plants. The employees of CSF-Exteriors were thorough in their work, left my home with no debris or any hazardous remnants around the house, and worked diligently to ensure the work was done right with no delays. What was left behind was a beautiful roof and gutters that looked aesthetically appealing and well built. From the color of the roof to the proper sized drainage, everything looked great was constructed with care. Mike also went above and beyond by making sure I had adequate air ventilation as it was one of my concerns early during the consultation phase. I hold Mike and CSF-Exteriors to the highest standard. The ability for him and the company to provide a professional service has completely left me extremely satisfied with my new roof and gutters. I would recommend him to all my neighbors for all his valuable work.

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